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Members, Coaches, Athletic Directors Only

How to become a New Official


Number for TASO - 1-866-283-8276 (TASO)

New address for Texas Association of Sports Officials
 1221 West Campbell Road, Suite 191, Richardson, Texas  75080


Dues Increase

Dues for members in the Amarillo Chapter have been changed by the Board of Directors effective for the 2016 Season. Outlined below are the new dues. Local dues are due November 1 and are delinquent as of December 31. Failure to pay dues by December 31 may result in termination of your membership in the local and state organization. TASO dues are due February 1 and are paid online directly to TASO effective January 2014.

Division State Dues Local Dues Total Dues
Rookies $35.00 None $35.00
1-5 $60.00 $50.00 $110.00


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Rule Book Available

2017 NCAA Football Rules and Interpretations

Click 2017 Football Rules . You have to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view any of these online.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader 4.0 or greater, you may download the program free, by clicking below and follow the instruction for installation after downloading.

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Rankings for Football Officials

Starting with the 2003 season, TASO is returning to placing officials in one of five Divisions. The TASO-Football Board of Directors has approved and implemented the following scheme. This scheme is effective immediately.

The following are annual requirements for each official:

Attend a rules clinic.

Take the test  To work Sub-Varsity or Varsity games each official must make at least 70 on the test prior to their first assignment. To officiate Varsity play-off games, a score of 80 must be made on the test. 

Meet local chapter requirements and be a member in good standing


Div Points
1 660
2 360
3 180
4 60
5 0

How to Accrue Points   (Updated February 2012)

Points are accrued in two ways:   Game Points and Educational Points.

Game Points

Varsity Game Points

2 Points per game (including college) No Maximum

Sub-Varsity Points

Point for each game worked   No Maximum
Point for chain crew, clocks    No Maximum  
1 Point for each scrimmage   No Maximum
No points for 7-On-7, Pee Wee, Kid's Inc. or PYFL games

Educational Points  (No Maximum)

State Meeting  --  6 points 
Rules Clinic --  3 points (Must attend to work any varsity games)
Sanctioned On Field Clinic  --  3 points


Test may be taken a maximum of 3 times to improve your score. Can only be taken online at the TASO/Arbiter site only. Must have a score of 70 or higher to officiate contests.

 Below 70 = 0 (Not eligible to work any games)
 70-79  = 4 Points    
 80-89  = 6 Points
 90-100 = 8 Points




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