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Social Media Policy

It is the policy of the Amarillo Football Chapter that no official shall in any manner post on social media any information related to their officiating any game or scrimmage. This includes, but is not limited to, the following examples: posting any comments regarding the teams involved; the outcome of the game; the names of any official who called any specific game; situations that occurred before, during and/or after the game; or any comments regarding any official, participants, coaches, parents, etc. that may be involved in any capacity in a specific game.

For purposes of this policy social media includes Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, The Vine, blogs, or any type of social media.

Consequences for violating this policy may range from a private reprimand from the Board of the Amarillo Football Chapter to suspension of officiating privileges for such time as decided by the Board of the Amarillo Football Chapter. This decision shall be based on both the severity of the action and the frequency of violations.

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