In all UIL varsity athletic team contests, a game administrator shall be appointed by the home school. That person must be a coach (other than the game coach), teacher, or administrator. It is recommended that a game administrator be designated by the home school for all non-varsity athletic team contests. The responsibilities of the game administrator are as follows:

  1. Meet with the officials prior to game time (preferably on the playing field or court); If officials are not notified by the designee by ten minutes prior to beginning of a game, the referee shall ask the home head coach if there is a designee and if so, who that person is.

  2. See that officials are directed to their dressing room;

  3. If there is no designated administrator, the officials shall inform the UIL in writing the next working day.

  4. Inform the officials where the game administrator will be seated.

  5. Assist the officials if they need to discourage unsportsmanlike conduct of a fan, player, or coach (such as removal from stadium or gym).

  6. Check with the officials after the game to see if there is any misconduct that needs to be reported;

  7. Offer to provide an escort for the officials to their cars.

  8. Report incidents to the appropriate school administrator (home team or visitor).

  9. Report severe verbal abuse or physical contact of the official and any ejections of coaches and fans to the UIL office in writing within the next three working days.

  10. The home school is responsible for security. In playoff games/matches, both schools are responsible.

  11. In playoff games/matches both schools shall have a game administrator